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Magellan IP

Rua da Assembleia, 10 • sala 3215 20011-901 • Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Firm's Overview

Magellan IP

We are an innovative firm providing prosecution and consulting services in all areas of intellectual property in the four main Portuguese-speaking countries: Brazil, Portugal, Angola and Mozambique.

Our firm was not named after our partners. Instead it was inspired in the Portuguese-born navigator Ferdinand Magellan (Fernão de Magalhães, in Portuguese), ancestor to one of our founding partners.

Magellan was one of the great explorers of his era - the first European to cross the Pacific Ocean and to launch the expedition that first circumnavigated the world. Many believed the Earth was flat and that his mission was an impossible one. But he saw things differently, and despite being challenged by many, his voyage was clear proof that the Earth is indeed round.

And just like Magellan, we dare to see the world of IP differently. We want to combine traditional values with a modern approach to managing and addressing intellectual property matters. We want to help our clients navigate the world of IP and demystify the protection of intellectual property around the globe. We want to challenge our clients to see their IP from a different perspective. Be it flat, round – or even upside down. We are magellan IP!