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TOPIPFIRM website does not provide legal, intellectual property advice, but only connects visitors to the information of legal, intellectual providers in different countries.

Contact with the legal, intellectual property law firms listed by TOPIPFIRM

You are welcome to contact with the legal, intellectual property law firms by TOPIPFIRM. However, their information on TOPIPFIRM could be changed and we recommend you contact them to verify the information prior to officially working. In case of any services which need the professional certificate or conditional legal fields, you are responsible for checking such information directly with the legal, intellectual property law firms by TOPIPFIRM.

Content and Articles on TOPIPFIRM

As a way of supporting the legal, intellectual property law firms to deliver the useful information to readers or potential clients, we allow them to publish their articles on TOPIPFIRM. Even we always try to check the information and ensure the accurate content, any in cases they shall be responsible for the content of the articles. In case of any potential legal issues related to the articles, please contact with us to check this.

By using this Website, you are agreeing that under no circumstances will TOPIPFIRM Websites or its affiliates, be responsible for any incorrect content/information on the website; the consequence of using information/content on the website for any purpose

Intellectual property and Copyright of articles on TOPIPFIRM

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The legal, intellectual property law firms are allowed to publish their profile on TOPIPFIRM website. We provide two models of listing for the legal, intellectual property law firms:

+ Free listing

+ Premium listing

Regardless of free listing and premium listing, the legal, intellectual property law firms listed on TOPIPFIRM website shall be lawfully responsible for information contained on their profile/articles/professional certificate. We have the right to suspend/remove your listing/articles/profile without any refund if we find that your provided information is untrue, violates copyright laws or intellectual property laws.

In any circumstances, TOPIPFIRM reserve the rights to refuse or accept your listing request on our website.

Free listing or premium listing shall have different advantages as follows:

Free Listing:

TOPIPFIRM websites reserve the right to remove any free listing without prior notice. In case of violation of our terms and conditions, we shall immediately remove/delete your listing or articles without notice. The removed Listing could be submitted again after the incorrect or unlawful information is revised.

Premium Listing:

The premium listing shall have the following rights:

+ Listed on our website within 24 hours from your submission.

+ Have their articles reviewed by our staffs to have the correct contents and right key words to have a better appearance on search engine, if possible.

+ Have their articles/listings amended at any time.

+ Have their contact appeared at the top of the relevant industry in their jurisdiction.

+ Received the legal inquiry’s contact through our website.

+ Have their social accounts listed on our website and our supported channels.


TOPIPFIRM has the rights to update/amend any information on the website and terms and conditions with or without notice.