The listing must be in accordance with the following provisions (we reverse the rights to remove/delete the listing if not follow the provisions):

+ Do not duplicate your articles or information.

+ Do not insert your email, website, contact to your article

+ Use the valid email since we need to send you reverification email. The listing with invalid email could be removed from our websites.

+ Use your company and address as shown on your website.

+ Have valid website for checking information

+ Submit the articles with new content on the TOPIPFIRMS website. In case of old content, you are required to provide us the link of such published article.

Reviewing Process

+ Free listing

We receive significant requirement of submitting their profile on our website daily. Therefore, your listing shall be offline after your submission to our website. It shall take at least 20 days for our team to review your list. We will inform you when your submission is online on our website.

If you submitted information is not correct or not in accordance with our requirement, the time frame to have your submission online could be longer. We will contact you about this, if necessary.

TOPIPFIRMS websites reserve the right to remove any free listing without prior notice. In case of violation of our terms and conditions, we shall immediately remove/delete your listing or articles without notice. The removed Listing could be submitted again after the incorrect or unlawful information is revised.

Free Listing has the following rights:

  • Information of your company: full name, address, phone and short brief of your company.
  • Short title of your practice area
  • Publishing limited 05 articles on our website;
  • Appearing alphabetically under the position of Premium listings.
  • Searchable when visitors search our database on our website

+ Update Free Listing to Premium Listing:
The premium listing is 150$/year. You could upgrade from free listing to Premium Listing at the time of your first submission to our website or any time.

Premium Listing will bring you many benefits which we believe could increase your image and bring more business opportunity to your company:

+ Listed on our website within 24 hours from your submission

+ Have their articles reviewed by our staffs to have the correct contents and right key words to have a better appearance on search engine, if possible.

+ Have their articles/listings amended at any time.

+ Have their contact appeared at the top of the relevant industry in their jurisdiction.

+ Have their contact appeared at the top of Practice Area Directory position for each IP law firm location

+ Received the legal inquiry’s contact through our website.

+ Have their social accounts such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn listed on our website and our supported channels.

+ Access to your website

+ Have your lawyers’ profile published on our website

+ Post unlimited video or articles on our website.