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Your ideas. Your innovations. Your brand. Our IP practice understands that these assets make your business unique, and we know how to protect them.

There’s a reason why more than half of the world’s top 100 brands (Financial Times, 2018) have chosen Hogan Lovells to represent them. With 400 IP professionals worldwide, we combine a global outlook with local knowledge across the life cycle of IP assets ― from development to commercialization, and licensing through to maturity. But it's not how many lawyers we have; it’s the way we work together that our clients really value. Many of our lawyers hold advanced degrees in science and engineering, helping us to fully appreciate the products and processes in traditional industries, as well as emerging ones.

Copyright is what we do — globally.

It is essential to be aware of your rights, be it as the licensor or the licensee. You need to know whom to approach for the license you actually require, how to negotiate adequate terms of use, and where to start with effective rights management. This is what we do. Protecting and enforcing your legal and economic position in a prudent and resourceful way is an essential element of our approach. We have a well-deserved reputation for standing tall in high-profile copyright disputes. Media, broadcasting, music, and publishing — all rely on protecting unique content. The same goes for online platforms, search engines, and news aggregators. We counsel major businesses operating in the IT, telecom, luxury goods, education, banking, and finance industries. We work with collecting societies as well as publishers, universities and public libraries, research institutions, and governmental bodies. Our global copyright experience can be your asset. The copyright world is truly dynamic. Opportunities come in close succession and require flexibility on both the business and legal sides. We have one of the largest full service IP practices worldwide and we are well-positioned to advise you on any aspect of copyright law. We mix in-depth industry knowledge and broad experience of managing complex multijurisdictional projects.


A successful design can lead to commercial success. The materials used and the packaging, labelling, and advertising all play a role in taking a product from every day to iconic. Copycats will want to profit from your success story.

To defend products effectively, you need to take a strategic approach. From selecting the right jurisdiction in which to register designs to taking swift action against the manufacturers and distributors of unlawful look-alikes and counterfeit products. We advise design owners on global portfolio management, handling registrations at the national and international level, and effective custom-seizure programs in sectors ranging from cosmetics, clothes, and footwear to toys, furniture, automotive, and electronics. We help ensure your iconic products stand the test of time.

Domain Names

Having a global online strategy is essential. Cybersquatters are a significant threat to your online reputation, security, and revenue streams. Our internet domain name team has advised clients in this area for more than 15 years.

Domain name portfolios inevitably cover a multitude of countries. Your enforcement efforts must be global. At the cutting edge of internet-related branding issues, we helped to develop appropriate rights protection mechanisms within ICANN for the new gTLD program. Together, we will make sure you have the right strategy and strike the right balance between defensive registrations, monitoring, and recuperation.

IP and technology transactions

The Hogan Lovells IP and technology transactions group understands the many ways IP can be commercialized for the benefit of your company.

With more than 400 IP professionals globally, we can help you determine the best approach to managing the identification, evaluation, and monetization of your IP rights. Many of our lawyers in our IP group have advanced degrees in scientific disciplines and are well-versed in the newest technological innovations. As a result, we’re able to anticipate our clients’ needs across every industry. Our technology transactions lawyers regularly collaborate with other practice groups at the firm to prepare comprehensive solutions for issues that may arise during a transaction. We work closely with our M&A, tax, export, government contracts, finance, privacy, antitrust, and dispute resolution teams to help navigate all the nuances of technology transfer. Our ability to integrate our first-class regulatory, corporate, and commercial practices allows us to meet the unique demands of a wide range of clients, from small start-ups to the world’s largest companies.


From U.S. patent reform to the European Unified Patent Court. The world is changing. Whether it’s patent expiry or patent trolls that are causing concern, our team of litigators will vigorously defend your position.

We don't only defend, we help you create and grow. With a team of patent prosecution and licensing professionals, we are with you from initial idea to global roll out. Whether you operate in a traditional industry such as life sciences, telecommunications, automotive, or energy, or are part of a new generation operating at the intersection of these industries, we are the team for you.