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Bojinov & Bojinov Ltd Patent Trademark & Law Offices
It all started in 1935 when the Sorbonne educated Boriss Bojinov opened up a one-man law practice. Soon after the business grew to become one of the better known law firms in North Bulgaria in the field of Corporate and Civil Law. The company was nationalized in 1944.
Fifty years later in 1994 the Bojinov Law Office was re-opened by the son of the original founder Bojidar Bojinov. Due to his huge expertise in the field of Intellectual Property the company quickly attracted diverse portfolio of clients. In 1999 Bojinov&Bojinov moved to a new premises opposite the Sofia City Court on 38 Alabin Street.
In 2006 Bojinov&Bojinov opened up a representative office in London. In 2008 a new branch within Bojinov&Bojinov was established, exclusively focused on IP Investigations and Custom Control. In 2010 Bojinov&Bojinov opened up a new office on 2 Tsar Assen Street (opposite the Sofia City Court).
A granted patent gives you the exclusive right to prohibit other persons from using the invention. In today’s opportunistic and competitive environment, a patent is the most effective protection of your invention. Our attorneys can assist you in all phases of the patent process, from the conduction of preliminary patent search and the preparation of the application documentation, through the examination process, and to the enforcement and maintenance of your patent. The services we provide further include preparation of licensing and transfer agreements, filing requests for change of name and address of owner, payment of annuities, assistance with validation of European patents, and legal representation in cases of patent infringement. Trademark A trademark is what distinguishes your goods and services from those of others – a word, a symbol, a device, or other designation. Thus, the establishment and protection of a successful trademark portfolio is crucial to ensuring your business’s distinctiveness and profitability in the today’s increasingly competitive market. We have extensive experience in all aspects of trademark prosecution, from clearance and pre-filing advice to filing and prosecuting trademarks before the Bulgarian Patent Office, European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), and World Intellectual Property Organization. Our services related to trademarks further include monitoring for potentially conflicting trademarks, legal representation in trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings, as well as negotiation and preparation of license agreements, assignments, and co-existence contracts. Copyright Every author who has created a work of literature, art or science, which is the result of the author’s creative activity and is manifested in whatever way, is entitled to certain enforceable moral and economic rights over their work. The author may, inter alia, require from every third party to desist from using his or her protected work, over which copyrights may be claimed. The resolution of copyrights infringement disputes usually involve active negotiations with the adverse party for the purpose of achieving amicable settlement over the occurred issues. Bojinov & Bojinov assists its clients in handling negotiations relating to copyright infringement issues in a manner that aims at prompt and cost-saving settlement, while primary importance is attributed to the client’s interest. The Office also offers legal strategies against copyright infringement that may include civil actions, administrative and criminal measures, interim injunctions and customs control measures. If a dispute is eventually brought before the competent administrative or court authorities, you may rely on the proficiency of our qualified attorneys in conducting contentious proceeding until their successful outcome. Our firm further provides services for representation in non-contentious matters including the conclusion of licensing, franchising, distribution and similar contracts on a worldwide basis. We are equally involved in the negotiations for reaching an agreement and in the drafting of licensing, franchising, distribution and copyrights transfer agreements. Industrial Design An industrial design is the visible appearance of a product or part of it, resulting from its specific features, such as shape, surface, lines, patterns, or colors. The industrial design is that aspect of a product that is ornamental an aesthetic and determines the visual appeal of a product. In recent times, when consumers increasingly take the technical functions of products for granted, it is the design that often determines the consumer’s choice between similar products. In order to be protected for the territory of Bulgaria, an industrial design must be registered by the Bulgarian Patent Office. Our experienced attorneys can advise you and proceed with all the actions before the Patent Office related to the protection of the design for new products – from the preliminary search for novelty to the filing and registration of the design. In order to file an industrial design application, it is sufficient to send us images of the design – a basic one, and additional ones, if necessary, as well as a simply signed power of attorney form. The services we provide further include monitoring and renewal of national industrial designs, negotiations and record of assignments and license agreements, filing of requests for changes relating to a registered design with the Bulgarian Patent Office, etc. We are also fully qualified to assist clients with the necessary actions if their registered industrial designs are infringed by third parties. In many cases, clients are interested in registering the design for their product in more than one country. We can consult you in regard to the protection of a design for a new product in other countries, prepare the necessary documentation, file the international design application and prosecute it up to the registration. Bulgaria is a participant to the Hague system of design registration. IP Investigation
Bojinov & Bojinov has a wealth of experience in the investigation and analysis of extensive and complex intellectual property rights scenarios. Our team of professionals is constantly expanding and exploring new horizons in the world of counterfeits. Most of our personnel have had at least 10 years experience in the police, customs or military. Dedication to solve every single case is proven by our impeccable record. Whether it is Custom Seizure Control, Due Diligence, Investigations of Supply Chains or Brand Monitoring we are always ready to perform. B&B Investigations has a well established network of local partners and the full co-operation of the Custom Authorities and the Police. In cases when our clients are interested in following the supply chain all the way to the original source located outside Bulgaria, we have capable strategic partners in China and Turkey. It is critically important for us to provide our clients in short space of time, efficient solutions at reasonable costs. CUSTOMS SEIZURES Bojinov & Bojinov represents before the Bulgarian Customs Authorities a large number of world famous brands from the automotive, pharmaceutical, fashion, cosmetics, tobacco, entertainment industry, toys and games industry, luxury and high quality goods. We assist our clients in the following areas:
  • in filing, and renewal of national and European Applications for Customs Control
  • representing and undertaking the necessary actions before the Bulgarian Customs Authorities in cases of seizure of potentially counterfeit goods;
  • initiation of legal and administrative proceedings against the infringer;
  • investigation of the commercial activities of the infringer;
  • organization and monitoring of the execution of the destruction of counterfeits.
Bojinov & Bojinov has a solid experience in the execution of destructions which involve goods that are classified as hazardous waste.  Under the applicable Bulgarian legislation destruction of hazardous waste has to be approved by the Regional Inspection of Environment and Waters, the same appoints a licensed company for the execution of the destruction. We prepare for our clients the respective documents, make arrangements for a police escort, and specialized logistics. The new Regulation (EU) 608/2013 which entered into force on January 1st 2014 enabled the Customs Authorities more efficiently to seize and destroy counterfeit goods. Moreover, the provisions of the new Regulation allow the destruction of counterfeits without the consent of the infringer, avoiding prolonged and expensive legal proceedings.