Industrial design registration in Poland

Industrial design registration in Poland

Registration of industrial designs in Poland – Every company that owns an industrial design and intends to expand its business in the Poland market should use the Poland intellectual property system. It is paramount for businesses to file an industrial design application in Poland for industrial designs, even if the launch of the respective product on the market in Poland has not yet commenced. 

Requirements for Industrial Design Registration Application in Poland

An industrial design application in Poland requesting the right of priority must be filed within 6 months from the priority date.

The following information and documents need to be provided in the application for registration of an industrial design in Poland: 

  • name, address, and nationality of the applicant, business address; 
  • request for design registration;
  • representation of a design.

A Power of Attorney may be provided at the time of filing an application or within two months from the filing date. Legalization or notarization is not required.

For industrial design applications where the priority is to be claimed it is necessary to provide the certified copy of the priority document within 3 months from the filing date.

Examination of an Industrial Design Application in Poland

Industrial design application in Poland is only examined with the formal requirements.

Validity period and renewal of industrial designs in Poland

12 months from disclosure of information about the industrial design before the application filing does not disprove the novelty of the industrial design according to the Poland legislation.

The validity term of the patent for the industrial design in Poland constitutes 25 years as of the filing date.

The Office issues a grant decision If no objections are raised. After getting confirmation that a design has been registered, you have three months to pay the official publishing fee and the first renewal price. The grant decision will be revoked if the fees are not paid on time. Details of the design are published in the Patent Office Journal upon registration.

Represented by an industrial design registration attorney 

An international applicant for an industrial design registration in Poland should perform an industrial design search in Poland through a law firm, or an industrial design attorney. 

You can find the list of Poland IP firms here.


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