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Legal notes to trademark registration in Monaco

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Trademark registration in Monaco. Monaco, officially the Principality of Monaco, is a sovereign city-state and microstate on the French Riviera close to the Italian region of Liguria, in Western Europe. Monaco has the world’s highest GDP nominal per capita at US$185,742, GDP PPP per capita at $132,571, and GNI per capita at $183,150. In addition, […]

The UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) has announced the launch of a new IP grant funding scheme

The UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) has announced the launch of a new IP grant funding scheme.

We are excited to inform our clients and contacts that the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) has started its IP Access scheme, which will provide SMEs with up to £5,000 (plus VAT) to assist protect and commercialize their intellectual property. The program is part of a new government initiative to aid recovery during a pandemic. […]

Legal notes to trademark registration in Montenegro

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Trademark registration in Montenegro. Montenegro is a country in Southeastern Europe. The economy of Montenegro is mostly service-based and is in late transition to a market economy. Montenegro is a country based mainly on tourism activities. The Montenegrin Adriatic coast is 295 km long, with 72 km of beaches and many well-preserved ancient old towns. […]

Legal notes to trademark registration in Israel

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Israel, officially known as the State of Israel, is a country in Western Asia. Thus, in order to obtain trademark protection in Israel, businesses need to conduct a trademark registration in Israel. About trademarks in Israel A trademark can be registered under the Israeli Trademark Ordinance for any symbol used to identify the source of […]

Madrid Protocol – recent developments and practice tips

Madrid Protocol – recent developments and practice tips

The Madrid System, administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), is a cost-effective option for trademark owners who want to obtain trademark rights in a variety of critical commercial jurisdictions quickly and efficiently by securing an international registration in accordance with the provisions of the Madrid Protocol (which all Madrid members have now joined) […]

Legal Notes to Trademark Registration in Finland

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Since Finland is a “first to file” jurisdiction, trademark registration is required to get rights to a trademark. Unregistered trademarks can only be protected in exceptional circumstances. The applications for trademarks must be filed to the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH). Considering Finland is a member of the European Union, European Union Trademarks (EUTM) […]

Why is it nearly impossible to make a sound trademark work?

Sound is one element that is added into the systems of trademarks recently. The number of country that allows such registration is still very limited. When it works, it works wonderfully. But to really make sound trademark work is easier to be said than done. Sound trademarks Traditionally, sound was not consider an eligible element […]

Legal notes to trademark registration in Mexico

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Trademark registration in Mexico. Mexico, officially the United Mexican States, is a country in the southern portion of North America. Multiple international organizations coincide and classify Mexico as an upper-middle-income country or a middle-class country that is rising quickly on the world’s stage. Therefore, many businesses want to invest in this market, and one of […]

The number of trademark applications in India far exceeds pre-pandemic numbers

The number of trademark applications in India far exceeds pre-pandemic numbers

The number of trademark applications in many countries has increased sharply after the decline in the initial period when the Covid epidemic broke out. In early 2020, the global outbreak of Covid-19 harmed all sectors of the world economy, including the intellectual property sector. However, after a period of calmness, the number of trademark applications […]

Trademark registration in Sri Lanka

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An overview of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka is an island nation with 1340km long coastline located in the Indian Ocean. The country has an area of ​​about 65,610 km2, of which 64,740 km of land and 870 km of sea. With a population of about 20 million people, Sri Lanka is a relatively hot tropical […]

Trademark registration in HongKong

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Trademark registration in HongKong shall be done with Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). The use of a trademark is not a prerequisite for filing a trademark application. The following steps will help you have a clear look on how to register a trademark in Hong Kong easily. Steps 1: Detect the trademark During the process […]


INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS IN TURKEY Intellectual property rights in Turkey (IP) relates to new creations, such as an invention, a brand name, or a literary or artistic work. IP Law in Turkey protects rights of companies, humans etc. The following IP rights are recognised in Turkey: industrial property rights relating to inventions (patents and utility models) trade marks […]