Industrial design registration in Uzbekistan

Design Registration Application in Uzbekistan 

Registration of industrial designs in Uzbekistan – Every company that owns an industrial design and intends to expand its business in the Uzbekistan market should use the Uzbekistan intellectual property system. It is paramount for businesses to file an industrial design application in Uzbekistan for industrial designs, even if the launch of the respective product on the market in Uzbekistan has not yet commenced. 

Requirements for Industrial Design Registration Application in Uzbekistan 

An industrial design application in Uzbekistan requesting the right of priority must be filed within 6 months from the priority date. The term can be extended for two months.

Uzbek or Russian is the official language of proceedings in the Uzbekistan Intellectual Property Office.

The following information and documents need to be provided in the application for registration of an industrial design in Uzbekistan: 

  • name, address, and nationality of the applicant, business address; 
  • request for design registration;
  • representation of a design
  • description of a design.
Within three months of filing, a certified copy of the priority application and its translation into Uzbek or Russian shall be submitted to the Patent Office.
If the applicant is a natural person, a simple signed Power of Attorney should be presented at the time of filing. If the applicant is a legal entity, a signed and stamped Power of Attorney must be submitted to the Uzbek Patent Office when the design application is submitted. There is no need for notarization or legalization.

Examination of an industrial design application in Uzbekistan

In Uzbekistan, design applications are automatically examined by the Office. Formal and substantive examinations are part of the examination process. The Office will also undertake a novelty search and notify the applicant of the results.

Validity period and renewal of industrial designs in Uzbekistan

According to Uzbek legislation, disclosure of information on an industrial design within six months of filing the application does not invalidate the novelty of the industrial design.
The official fee for granting shall be paid within three months of the decision to grant a patent being issued. First post-grant annuities should also be paid during the term. A patent on industrial design is valid for 10 years from the day the application is filed. The term may be extended for a maximum of five years.
Normally, the granting time does not exceed 8 months from the filing date.

Represented by an industrial design registration attorney 

An international applicant for an industrial design registration in Uzbekistan should perform an industrial design search in Uzbekistan through a law firm, or an industrial design attorney. 

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