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Firm's Overview

Zürcher Lawyers Zürcher IP has a full range of resources and experience in the practice of intellectual property law. Our firm is engaged in the procurement, enforcement and litigation procedures of intellectual property rights throughout the Latin American region. Also, we are equally skilled in transactions and litigation, with capabilities for the commercial development and enforcement of your IP, such as regulatory approvals, licenses for doing business, import or export licenses, manufacturing and distribution arrangements, mergers and acquisitions, dispute resolution, infringement actions and anti-counterfeiting measures. »Our staff understands the complexities of the PTO process as well as the Judiciary itself. In fact, we often help educate the Judiciary about trademark matters and contribute to shaping the regulatory framework within the country through lobbying and the taking leading roles within the local IP associations as well as international and regional associations. Our attorneys have a unique combination of international business knowledge and commercial experience. We are strategic in our thinking, practical and business-results focused. We have broad industry experience, including: » Agrochemical » Aviation » Apparel » Banking & Financial Services » Consumer » Cosmetics » Electronics » Manufacturing » Medical » Hospitality » Personal Care » Petroleum » Pharmaceuticals » Real Estate » Retail » Services » Software » Spirits and Wines » Tourism We represent national and international businesses, companies and financial institutions. Zürcher IP is resolute in providing the highest quality legal work, responsive service and building lasting client relationships. Our contemporary team approach and interdisciplinary perspective reflect our client focus and distinguish Zürcher IP. Your priorities are our priorities – serving your intellectual property needs and business objectives. »In a region that can typically be characterized as slow moving, we make it our policy to answer our clients within 24 hours of any request.