A pioneer Firm in Intellectual Property services in Ecuador

Tobar ZVS Spingarn

Av. 12 de Octubre N26-97 y Lincoln Edificio Torre 1492, Office 1505

Firm's Overview

Tobar ZVS Spingarn Tobar ZVS Spingarn was created in 1993 by Bernardo Tobar as Tobar & Tobar. In 1996 its name was changed to Tobar & Bustamante, and at the end of 2015 it took on the name Tobar ZVS, which acknowledges partners Cesar Zumarraga, Oscar Vela and Alvaro Sevilla, who along with the founding partner, have headed up the historic growth of the Firm. From the onset, the Firm provided consultancy services to mining exploration companies, for which it is recognized as a leader, expanding its offer over the years to include all of the natural resources, energy and infrastructure industries. Intellectual Property was also a pillar for growth. In this area, the first observance campaigns were begun, contributing with the Intellectual Property Law of 1998, and developing it in all aspects to specifically lead the protection of plant breeder’s rights. Thus, businesses are advised based on technology to monetize their intangible assets. In February 2016 TOBAR ZVS merged with SPINGARN & MARKS, the boutique firm specializing in tax consultancy with the highest growth rate in recent years. The Firm took on its current name, TOBAR ZVS SPINGARN. This association will offer corporate clients, entrepreneurs and family businesses the advantages of a single source of integrated solutions for challenges arising in the modern world: carry out business and forecast it to the future responsibly. TOBAR ZVS SPINGARN is a pioneer Firm in Intellectual Property services in Ecuador due to our comprehensive focus that articulates handling local and international portfolios of IP rights, systematic management of enforcement and anti-counterfeiting, including border measures at multi-jurisdictional level, as well as monetizing intangibles for companies, based on Intellectual Property. With over 20 years of experience, we have a thorough knowledge of each of the areas of Intellectual Property, which enables us to successfully counsel our clients. We design and execute strategic anti-counterfeiting and enforcement campaigns against IP rights’ violations for worldwide renowned software, communications and entertainment companies. As to plant breeder’s rights, our combined portfolio of clients represent 65% of rose varieties with presence in international markets. Our services include contract advisory to benefit the client with a broad protection of its rights. Members of the Firm have been awarded international recognitions, such as that from the Department of State of the USA, for their contribution to the protection of the Intellectual Rights, including the help to frame a draft and promoting a world-class law, two decades ago. Our IP team is highly specialized and acknowledged and we use cutting-edge technology  for an efficient and effective protection of the IP rights. Besides taking care of patent, trademarks, plant breeder’s rights, copyright registrations and handling trademark portfolios, we offer our clients a personalized counseling at both, the innovation and the strategic planning stages; particularly through our Entrepreneurs’ Desk, we suggest alternatives to optimize the protection of their creations by means of the different figures of the IP, with a view to their business monetization.
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  • Trademark Registration, trade names, slogans and nontraditional marks
  • Change of name, assignment of rights, change of address and renewal
  • Management of national and international trademark portfolio
  • Watch service
  • Oppositions
  • Market Research
  • Non-use cancellation actions
  • Nullity actions