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Firm's Overview

Tego IP Attorneys
Tego IP Attorneys is a trusted IPR Consulting Boutique located in Reykjavik, Iceland. Based on aquired experience and expertise gained through years of practice in both industrial and private sectors, we offer innovative and in-line solutions, tailored to each client specific needs and business model.
Our team of experts provide advice and support in all aspects of intellectual property rights. Whether you seek assistance with your trademarks, designs, copyright or patents, we are able and willing to assist you in anyway possible. If you seek reliable IPR consultancy and flexible service tailored to your exact requirements, we are the right partner to contact.
If your in a need of a reliable intellectual property agent or service providor in Iceland, we at Tego IP Consulting, are the right parther for you or your clients. With an extensive experience and aquired understanding of the market, we are able to provide both effective and efficient solutions, based on your requirements.
Our team of experts endeavor to find the best possible IPR solution at each time that develop and maintain strategic opportunities and identify optimum channels for your on-going growth and long-term success.
Whether it concerns trademark or design regisrations or renewals, oppositions or infringements , EP validations or any other intellectual property matters, the service we provide is designed to address key business and intellectual property issues at all times.
Achieving your goal is our objective!
At Tego IP Attorneys, our team of experts always strive to achieve the optimal trademark protection for your trademark. Whether you are seeking an agent to work with you in Iceland, or consultancy and assistance regarding your overall IP matters our team is able to assist.
Our highly qualified experts have extensive experience in trademark protection and market analysis. By applying our method to your trademark protection strategy we contribute to maximizing the value of your trademark.
Our trademark services reaches the whole lifecycle of a trademark, from the development and creation stage of a brand, to safeguarding your investment in a fully registered brand and protect the brand from infringement or assist you with generating revenue through your brand by license and franchise agreements.
Industrial Design
When registering a design you are protecting the appearance of your product in whole, or parts of it. The scope of protection depends on what is new and how these features are displayed in your registration.
At Tego IP Attorneys we view the importance of design registrations equal to other IP rights, and recognize the importance on developing a design registrations and protection strategy. We work with our clients on identifying valuable and registrable designs, provide guidelines and assistance with the design registration and the maintenance and renewal of the design registrations worldwide.


Iceland is unfortunately no exception when it comes to counterfeit goods and the main problem that IPR holders encounter in Iceland are imported counterfeit goods. Icelandic consumers are commonly not aware of the serious implications that counterfeit goods have for the economy nor the direct threat that e.g. counterfeit pharmaceuticals can have to themselves as consumers.
Tego IP Attorneys can assist IPR holders to enforce their rights in Iceland and work with the right holders and the relevant authorities to prevent the distribution of counterfeit goods.