IP & Corporate Services Boutique Firm in Libya

Tamkeen Firm

Ben Ashour

Firm's Overview

Tamkeen Firm is a Libyan intellectual property and corporate services firm that has been established by a group of professionals who have cumulative collective experience of over 15 years. With a comprehensive understanding of the Libyan market and its legal and administrative procedures aspects, our team is extensively experienced in all incorporation and intellectual property related matters in Libya, providing to our clients a fast, reliable, and a professional quality services with a very competitive prices. From Trademarks registration to establishing your business’s legal presence in Libya. Our firm provides a variety of services to support your operations that includes opening/managing local  bank accounts, virtual address, documents legalization, Libyan Visa arrangements and more. All our team members are fluent in English , very responsive and keen to assist our clients and keep them duly updated throughout the course of our engagement.