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Moeller IP Advisors

Moeller IP Advisors – Buenos Aires Av. Del Libertador 5936, 7th floor C1428ARP.

Firm's Overview

Moeller IP Advisors

We have extensive experience in advising world renowned clients on the protection and enforcement of trademarks, patents, designs, copyrights and trade secrets.

Moeller IP Advisors offers you 91 years of experience and IP expertise in the American region. We specialize in providing a complete range of Intellectual Property and Regulatory Affair services throughout all the American region, and Canada With four offices located on two continents, Moeller employs,
more than 80 highly trained IP professionals. Furthermore, Moeller IP Advisors is connected to an extensive network of IP experts in each American country. This well-developed network of 1000+ professionals and our high-quality standards distinguishes us from other,
domestic and regional law firms. Moeller provides one contact, one technical or legal expert and one power of power of attorney at domestic prices for the entire American region. With Moeller IP Advisors you receive simplicity in a complex region.