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Firm's Overview

Hannes Snellman Attorneys Ltd Hannes Snellman is a Nordic law firm working on matters of significant importance for our clients. What sets us apart is the way we take ownership of matters entrusted to us, through our dedication to reach our clients’ goals. We are outstanding professionals working together in an empowering environment.

Intellectual Property

Patent, trademark, copyright, design, trade secret, you name it, we take care of it. Our clients value our advice and suggested solutions that serve their business now and in the long run. “I love working with them because they always have very practical advice. I was impressed with the team at both senior and junior levels”, says one of our clients (Chambers Europe). It is as simple as that. We love IP, and that is the reason why we provide excellent advice and results to our clients.
Hannes Snellman's cross-border Intellectual Property practice is one of the leading practices in the Nordic market. Our business-oriented IP team has vast experience in all aspects of intellectual property covering copyright, patents and utility models, designs, trademarks and domain names, as well as trade secrets. We deliver efficient and pragmatic execution of assignments in matters ranging from trademark filings to the most demanding and complex IP-related agreements and disputes. The importance of intellectual property is inevitably increasing. With our clients’ business in focus, we assist in transforming intellectual capital in the form of an idea into an intellectual property right in order to secure intellectual property assets. Having the privilege to co-operate with several leading firms in their fields, we have gained an extensive experience and understanding in several sectors, such as Life Sciences, food and beverage, fashion, retail, software, telecommunications, the automotive industry, industrial equipment and solutions, media, entertainment, and sports. As intellectual property is often the most valuable asset, and in order to maximise the value and goodwill of intellectual property in the era of digitalisation, it is important to have a clear vision and strategy. Our IP Commercial team provides our clients with strategic IP advice on how to protect, manage, market, license, and commercialise their intellectual property, as well as how to monetise said key assets in transactions and at every stage of their life cycle. Our IP Litigation team frequently acts as an IP sounding board to assess the issue at hand and to create tactics and strategies on how to resolve the issue. Furthermore, in a digitalised world, our clients need global strategic assistance and advice. In order to provide our clients with international and seamless high-quality legal services, we have created excellent relationships with leading law firms throughout the globe to ensure that such services are available at once wherever needed.
IP Litigation
Our clients' intellectual property is what matters to us. Our IP Litigation team understands the need to retain the freedom to operate and obtain the best possible outcome under the circumstances of each case. In order to achieve the business goals of our clients, our seasoned and business-oriented litigators suggest litigation and settlement strategies that may consist, for example, of obtaining a fast interim injunction or other relief, settlement negotiations to resolve the case out of court and before trial, or creative but thorough tactics for litigation or arbitration. In each case, we form a dedicated team of experts to correspond to the type and extent of the case and work closely with our Technology, Dispute Resolution, and Competition & Procurement practices. We represent our clients in Finnish and Swedish authorities and courts as well as in the European Union Intellectual Property Office and the Court of Justice of the European Union. With regard to arbitration, we represent our clients in international arbitration institutes, such as the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center, in addition to Finnish and Swedish arbitration institutes. We are prepared for the upcoming Unified Patent Court, and our firm is one of the few Nordic firms that are ready to cover both the Finnish local division and the regional division set up by Sweden and the Baltic Countries. We intensively follow the developments of the new unitary patent system and are ready to advise our clients in their preparation for the new regime. Our IP Litigation team frequently acts, for example in:
  • Patent litigation in many different fields, such as different technologies and Life Sciences
  • Trade secret litigation
  • Trademark and domain name litigation also covering anti-counterfeiting and unfair business practices
  • Copyright and database disputes often relating to software, digital rights, media, or entertainment
  • Complex contractual issues relating to intellectual property
  • We understand the importance and value of intellectual property, which is inevitably increasing. More than ever, intellectual property is worth fighting for.