A full-service Intellectual Property Law Firm in Argentina


Av. Santa Fe 1863, Piso 1 (C1123AAA) Buenos Aires

Firm's Overview

logo-berken-ip-con-bajada-roman BERKEN IP is an Intellectual Property Law Firm focused on Patents, Technology & Business, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our practice encompasses a broad range of intellectual property services aimed at protecting, managing, growing, enforcing and defending our clients’ IP assets. Our services are defined into three practice groups: IP Prosecution, Legal Affairs and Patent Intelligence. Our IP Prosecution Group handles the entire procurement of trademarks, patents, design patents, utility models, and copyrights in Argentina and abroad. The Legal Affairs Group provides general counsel on corporate and business law and also designs IP portfolio growth and defense strategies. Our Patent Intelligence Group searches and analyses patent databases worldwide, generating key reports that enable adequate market evaluation and assertive decision-making. The invaluable insight provided through these reports makes possible the gaining of strategic business advantage in the marketplace for our clients. With a differential expertise in the areas of biotechnology, chemistry and pharmacy, our firm is staffed by an interdisciplinary team of experienced professionals with formal scientific, technical and legal training. Their comprehensive and unique understanding of the complex interaction between science and law enables us to deliver high value-added services. We advice and serve local, foreign and international clients that range from big global companies and associates to the scientific community, including universities, research and development centers, technology parks, incubators, technology-based entrepreneurs and start-up companies. As a full-service Intellectual Property Law Firm, our practice covers all aspects of IP Law, including but not limited to:
  • Patents of Invention and Utility Models
  • Design Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Plant Breeders’ Rights and Plant Varieties
  • Copyright
  • Domain Names and Internet