Multi-jurisdictional services in industrial and intellectual property regulation


Firm's Overview




More than attorneys, we are your leading business advisors providing accurate and timely solutions in order to reach your goals, backed by a great team highly focused on client service. We offer global reach through our seven offices spanning the six Central American countries. Arias offers multi-jurisdictional services in industrial and intellectual property regulations and in sanitary registration matters, including:
  • Protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights.
  • Registration of trademarks, trade names, slogans, patents and copyrights.
  • Unfair trade practices.
  • Technology transfers.
  • Sanitary registrations of food products, dietary supplements, natural products, cosmetics, drugs, medical devices, agrochemicals and food products for animals.
The Intellectual Property department at Arias also specializes in the following:
  • BRANDS Arias has a consolidated, growing area for brands. It offers its clients services related to brand searches, owner reports, brand application management, business names, and advertising slogans. We offer other services such as checking and monitoring brands in the marketplace, preparing product import and export reports, and brand oversight for brands in the registration process.
  • INDUSTRIAL PATENTS AND DESIGNS Arias offers a full patent processing service running from the initial stages involving preliminary background checks and industrial model analysis to the intermediate stages such as theoretic construction of documentation for providing and drafting the patent, through the presentation and follow-up stage in the national and international PCT model stage. The firm is also able to handle any other event that may arise during the registration process.
  • PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION The Arias innovation and new technology practice involves specialists in personal data protection in accordance with Law No. 8968, to protect and exhaustively fulfill companies' requirements related to said law.
  • INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LITIGATION Our legal advisory services in this area stand out due to their integral approach in the diverse cases handled by our expert attorneys. They include matters such as copyright protection, invention patents, industrial designs, brand names, and other matters associated with the different contention scenarios that may arise related to this branch of law.
  • COPYRIGHTS The Arias Innovation and New Technology Department offers a wide array of services related to copyright protection and registration. Our specialized attorneys offer legal counseling related to: advice for companies about their strategy related to registering copyrights, database registration, works of art, literary works, software, intellectual property assignment contracts, and advice to entities about collective management and how it functions.