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Firm's Overview

Apellaniz & O’Farrell


We are experts in what we do, giving creative, solid and quick responses with legal foundations. We provide services of excellence and quality, offering security and trust with the honesty that defines us in daily work.


Conducting trademark searches, reporting and advising. Preparing, filing and obtaining trademark registrations. Surveillance on the Trademark Gazette for detecting trademark applications in conflict with our clients' trademarks. Preparing and filing oppositions to such detected trademark applications. Negotiating and obtaining withdrawal of oppositions filed by third parties against our clients' trademark applications. Filling and following renewals for trademark registrations. Litigation for trademark infringements and trademark oppositions.


Conducting searches and rendering patentability and infringing opinions. Preparing technical reports about the technical development of any field related to biotechnology, chemistry, mechanics and electronics. Preparing applications and obtaining patents from the Argentine and foreign patent offices. Prosecution and handling of annuities. Defense from official actions and third parties objections. Patent infringement litigation before Federal Courts in Buenos Aires and different provinces of Argentina..


Preparing specification and drawings. Obtaining industrial models and design registrations. Filing and prosecution of Industrial Models and Designs. Controlling renewal periods, sending renewal reminders and applying for renewals. Infringement litigation in the city of Buenos Aires and different provinces of Argentina.


Searching, advising and filing internet local domains. Infringement judiciary litigation for piracy cases, and representation on arbitration. Follow up of renewal periods, sending renewal reminders and applying for renewals.


Registration of works under Copyright system. Software and database protection. Preparing specifications for copyright filing. License agreements. Infringement litigation for piracy cases in Buenos Aires and in different provinces of Argentina.


Preparing specification, descriptions and obtaining Plant Variety rights registrations. License agreements for varieties (genetics) multiplication. License agreements for hybrids. Enforcement of PV rights before the Federal Courts from the city of Buenos Aires and Different provinces of Argentina.