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Alessandri & Compañía Abogados

Las Condes, Santiago

Firm's Overview

Alessandri & Compañía Abogados ALESSANDRI is one of the best known full service law firms in Chile and Latin America (125 years). Our strong IP Department has assisted both national and foreign clients for decades to protect and enforce their Intellectual Property assets. A long term network of correspondents along with our expertise in copyright, trademark and patent regulation will provide the suitable advice for each case. In order to keep our clients updated additional work is always required. Therefore, a permanent work on arising subjects is needed. Our Newsletters and readymade services will bring new tools to enhance IP protection: TPP insight, Data Protection, litigation achievements, new regulation about packaging and label information, etc. We foresee an integrated legal service is needed. An intertwined professional assistance will open broader options to comply with our client’s needs. Partners to the firm are striving not only to give support from their professional expertise but to provide to their clients a full legal back up through other pertinent services. Support provided for trademark and patent clients from a taxation point of view has been a successful achievement in this field. Banking clients assisted in Data Protection, litigation department working in patent and trademark potential infringement cases, etc. This modern integration of legal services will bring in time a lower budget be spent for external assistance. A single firm will be able to handle an array of multiple legal advice. Alessandri new ranking outcomes have proved we are in the right way.
We advise our clients on adequate protection of their trademark assets, supporting them from their creation. Our highly qualified professionals and technical support allow is to make trademark registration feasibility reports, represent our clients in filing and prosecuting trademark registrations, registration transfers and annotations, developing strategies and representing them in opposition and annulment proceedings before trademark authorities, as well in actions to  verify enforcement before ordinary courts of law. In addition, we advise them on negotiation of license and purchase agreements, and on other trademark-related contracts.
We assist our clients on the awarding of both national and international Geographical Indications or Denominations of Origin, by preparing, filing and following up DO/GI applications before local authorities.  In addition, we represent our clients in opposition and annulment proceedings before trademark authorities, as well in actions to verify enforcement before ordinary courts of law.