ABOU NAJA is a full-service Intellectual Property Law Firm in the Middle East, handling Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, and Managing your IP Portfolio.

ABOU NAJA Intellectual Property

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Firm's Overview

ABOU NAJA Intellectual Property is committed to protecting forward-thinking ideas since 1971. Our practice has always been informed by our passion to make the world a more conducive environment for nurturing human genius. Hence, our belief that original ideas should be protected from malicious intentions. This enables ideas to flourish. And we forward the world by forwarding world-changing ideas. We support our clients by helping them build and expand a tailor-made IP portfolio. Our team of attorneys has a longstanding experience in providing innovative strategies that will help you develop, exploit and protect your IP assets efficiently.

IP Portfolio Management

We find and eliminate vulnerabilities in your IP portfolio that expose you to those looking to steal your IP and profit from your goodwill. For effective IP compliance, we organize and oversee the filing and registration of copyrights, design patents, trademarks, and customs recordals.

IP Valuation

Our valuation attorneys assist you in structuring and measuring existing dynamic Ip portfolios in relation to industry dynamics and the existing IP ecosystem. We evaluate and identify key players and properties in your desired business environment, as well as areas of financial opportunity and potential vulnerabilities.

IP Audit

IP audits discover undisclosed assets, review your tech, detect infringement, and evaluate future acquisitions. We examine your strategic and market models to ensure that the costs of acquiring and defending IP rights have a solid return. We thus, define best practices for bringing ideas to market by protecting your existing and forthcoming IP.

IP Licensing and Franchising

The buyout and acquisition environment is changing and demands competent business acumen, commercial negotiation style, and market segment insight. We respond to these challenges by maintaining a strong emphasis on the MENA market. With technology transforming global markets breakneck speed, our team is adept at guiding innovators and investors throughout any franchising transaction.

IP Due Diligence

We execute extensive IP due diligence, analyze intangible rights and properties, consider future risks, address approval problems, navigate post-deal transition, and draft agreements to record IP transfers. We use our background with mergers and acquisitions to help with equity, turnover, sales, and purchase transactions.

IP Anti-Counterfeit

We protect the most important brands and intellectual property across continents, from idea to market. On a global scale, we have years of experience combating counterfeiting, fraud, and product diversion. We take a constructive and creative approach in assisting our clients in developing successful brand security programs that eliminate or mitigate the negative impact counterfeiting and intellectual property infringement have on their businesses.

IP Quality Control E- Support Unit

As a forward-thinking intellectual property law firm, we incorporate creativity and technology into every area of our practice. Through utilising technological solutions, we optimize the value of your intellectual property and empower you with distinct competitive advantage. By forecasting incoming counter-litigation, we eliminate such risks through a data-driven support centre. We protect your interests through a dedicated quality management team. This results in increased attorney performance, cost savings, and enhanced client-focused responsiveness.

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