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Firm's Overview

Solines & Asociados From its origins and rights in the vision of its founders Carlos Solines Coronel and Ximena Moreno Echeverría, SOLINES & ASOCIADOS has conceived the professional practice as an instrument at the service of its clients, where ethics, knowledge and innovation are the basis for provide legal advice with the highest quality standards. SOLINES & ASOCIADOS provides its services in the main cities of the country, in addition to having a wide network of correspondents in LATAM, the US and Europe, which makes it a modern firm, able to respond to the demands of a globalized market and in constant movement. SOLINES & ASOCIADOS has a platform of highly qualified professionals to serve in the four sectors and their respective areas in which it has focused its services: EMPRESARIAL; ENERGY; ENTERTAINMENT & SPORTS; INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & COMMUNICATION. SOLINES & ASOCIADOS has been providing, for more than four decades, comprehensive support to dozens of important corporations and multinationals, as well as medium-sized companies and new ventures, turning it into a strategic partner that helps meet the aspirations of its customers and where social responsibility , technology and environment, have a special importance.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

Intellectual creations are the fundamental pillar of scientific, technological, and cultural development; additionally, the importance and impact that they have on commerce and on the global economy is unmeasurable. This explains the need for a program of legal protection and recognition of rights on such creations that are original, inventive, and innovative, in order to promote and foster them, thus granting the legal security to the creators, authors, and titleholders of rights in general. SOLINES & ASOCIADOS has an excellent team of expert professionals in Copyright, Neighboring Rights, or Similar Rights, Industrial Property and New Varieties of Plants; our team is fully capable of dealing with the legal requirements of our clients, particularly those related to:
  •  Registration of Literary Works, Art Works, Science Works, Software, Databases, Trademarks.
  •  Registration of distinctive signs, such as: Trademarks, Commercial Names, Slogans, and Distinctive Appearances
  •  Brand maintenance
  • Franchises
  • Protection and authorization of the use of Origin Denominations and Geographical Indications
  • Invention Patents and Utility Models
  • Registration of Drawings and Industrial Models
  • Protection of Non-disclosed information, Commercial and Industrial Secrets
  • Protection of New Varieties of Plants
  • Contracts for assignment of rights, licenses for use and exploitation, obligatory licenses and authorizations
  • Titleholder renewals and transfers
  • Oppositions
  • Cancelation and Nullity Actions
  • Protection of rights for infractions committed to intellectual property
  • Precautionary and preventative measures: cessation, recall, seizure, temporary suspension
  • Border Measures
  • Actions for Unfair Competition