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Firm's Overview

Bermeo & Bermeo Law Firm In 1948, Dr. Vicente Bermeo Lañas founded “Law Offices of Dr. Vicente Bermeo” in Quito, Ecuador. The sole proprietorship consisted of two attorneys which established what would become one of the most important Intellectual Property practices in Ecuador. The firm was chosen by many international companies and law firms throughout the years. Nowadays, we are proud to represent a large number of them. Two years later, we formed a strategic alliance with “International Patents & Trademarks,” since its foundation, Mr. Manuel García Enriquez selected our Firm’s team as of counsels to assist him with the most complex cases. In 1978, when Dr. Vicente was appointed Justice of the Supreme Court, Dr. Rodrigo Bermeo Rosales joined the practice. Six years later, upon his graduation as a Doctor in Law, the firm adopted the name “Bermeo & Bermeo.” The new partners were confident that this name would last through the upcoming generations. Rodrigo Bermeo R. brought a new approach to the firm, focusing on strengthening client relationships and building a new client base. The firm quickly became well known internationally and developed to be one of the leading IP practices in Latin America. The 90’s and 2000’s were years of expansion. Bermeo & Bermeo took control over Ecuador’s oldest Intellectual Property portfolio when the firm acquired “Sucesores de Aurelio Vallejo” which was established in 1900. Later on, the firm absorbed “International Patents & Trademarks.” Bermeo & Bermeo now manages a high percentage of Intellectual Property rights in Ecuador and is in charge of the regional filings of several national and international companies. With Rodrigo V. Bermeo-Andrade, and Pablo Bermeo-Andrade, the third generation has joined the firm. Together, they contribute with strong education and valuable experience acquired while working abroad in top tier law firms of the United States and Argentina. Both are admitted attorneys in the State of New York. Today, Bermeo & Bermeo is the most efficient law firm in the country. With the help of the latest technology we are able to manage a very large client base with a small team  of high qualified people. We are proud to have been able to maintain our high standards from the inception of the firm and that our clients believe in our value propositions. The firm is stronger than ever, and rest assured our quality services will continue towards the future.


Ecuador is a first-to-file country, a trademark owner must file for a trademark registration in order to obtain protection. The latest edition of the Nice Classification is enforced. International applicants may also claim priority if their mark is filed in Ecuador within 6 months of the country of origin. Registrations are valid for 10 years and may be renewed indefinitely. Our expertise and high diligence make the procedures before the Intellectual Property Office seem flawless. Bermeo is the most efficient and one of the top trademark filers in the country. Our unique software and docketing system allows us to dynamically handle large volumes of applications for companies with important trademark portfolios. We offer services in all Latin American countries through our network of associates. Registration procedure
  1. Search (advisable)
  2. Application
  3. Formal exam
  4. Publication (IP Gazette)
  5. Opposition period (30 business days)
  6. Registrability examination
  7. Registration


Bermeo’s Intellectual Property Team is fully bilingual and has the legal experience and understanding in a broad range of industries. We represent major companies and have assisted from independent inventors, multinational companies, Universities, Governments like Israel or government agencies like the USDA. Our firm is constantly nominated as a leading patent practice firm in Ecuador and throughout Latin America.W e are the winners of the World Leaders International IP Awards for Latin America in Patent Excellence. Ecuador allows filing national patent applications as well as PCT applications. The requirements for a patent are novelty, non-obviousness (inventive step) and usefulness (industrial application). Regular patents can benefit from the priority per the Paris Convention of one year from the first application in one of the member countries. PCT patents in Ecuador can be filed after 31 months of the international filing date.


Ecuador follows the French protection of intellectual works based on the rights of the author: droit d'auteur. The system distinguishes between moral rights which belong only to the author and economical rights which are assignable. Copyrights and related rights are protected by the Ecuadorian Intellectual Property Law, the Andean Decision No. 351, the Berne Convention and the Universal Copyright Convention.  The law allows for cumulative protection, thus an owner of a copyright can assert its rights as a bar to a trademark application.